The Agriculture Option

The Young Ranchers Programme-The command and physical expression of The Agriculture Option (TAO) is developing connected and thriving agricultural production and processing clusters that integrates young people in agricultural faculties of tertiary institutions, and its host communities into its circular economic activities.

It provides a training and experiential platform in production, processing, marketing, distribution, and management through a connected ecosystem, that will support the foundation of Nigeria’s agricultural transformation.

Bold Ambitions

Annual Outlook


Education and upskilling of young people to appreciate and engage in viable commercial agriculture in low-risk spaces, incentivized with competitive career, financial and economic benefits.


Student and fellow managed out-grower production development is at the center of the YRP outlook, therefore, farms are designed to support strong out-grower management.

Clusters will produce in agricultural areas and value chains of their comparative advantage.


Efficiency and performance improving equipment such as irrigation, tractors, sprayers, ploughs, harrows, planters, and drones will be provided across the YRP system.

It will improve asset utilization, reduce capital expenditure outlay at cluster level, that will avail clusters and total system the opportunity of focusing on low cost and high impact production.


A platform to experience and appreciate the practical requirements, processes, procedure and business of integrated production and processing in the value chains of focus.

These skills and hands on experiences are expected to translate to TAO supported integrated commercial agriculture undertakings of students and fellows when they exit the programme.

Small Business Incubation

Small businesses accommodation for such elements as storage and logistics fulfillment. Small businesses will play an important role in supporting YRP components of out grower agriculture, processing, circular economy management and community development.

YRP will provide conducive accommodation and services for them to operate in the clusters.

Circular Economy

An intentionally curated circular agricultural economy that will utilize input, output, and byproduct to improve resource efficiency and eliminate waste, while including the host communities in economic activities through the value chain.

Beautiful Environment

A beautiful, functional, and sustainable environment that makes people want to come, stay, and produce optimally.

Small Town

YRP believes that high quality living spaces with modern designs that provides for elements such as efficient transportation, efficient resource usage, waste reduction and usage and proper management are key to achieving its vision of a circular economy.

Body and Soul

Recreation and team development amenities are provided in each cluster to support students and fellows in developing strong characters and healthy habits.

Inter cluster competitions will be organized across the system for aggregate system cohesion.


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