The Agriculture Option deploys a suite of tools ranging from those that support the improvement of productivity to those that increase the interest of young and all people in agriculture, and all that is required in-between.


To make agriculture viable for young and all people requires changing behaviours and practices. The Agriculture Option considers the need for tools to support its effective and sustainable delivery of these changes for required positive outcomes for people and country.

Strong Management

Improving productivity for good outcomes in undertakings that should be precise, and time bound as primary agricultural production and general agriculture business requires and enterprise resource management.

TAO has built strong management capabilities into all its expressions and products, using multiple interfaces it presents in products such as Junction, Young Ranchers, Boat, Telagri, and Farm Tinder to propagate the importance and benefits of strong management practices, and support users in adopting them.

Improving Capacity

Stimulating new thinking and access to validated knowledge and information are some of the primary outlooks of The Agriculture Option, using approaches that are tested and acclaimed effective, such as:

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Because information is power, we know it is important for you to be among the first to know what is happening in agriculture, so that you can be abreast of opportunities, best practices, innovation, and financial benefits, both locally and globally.

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TAO puts a premium on educating agriculturists on things that matter, especially to move us all from cursory and theoretical appreciation of agriculture to effective and economically beneficial practice of agriculture.

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TAO believes in the need for intentional efforts and deliberate actions in reaching the hearts and minds of young and all people. This understanding underscores the advocacy effort of The Agriculture Option.

In choosing key advocacy vehicles, we meet and engage our audience with arts, sports, and stories, by mainstreaming well produced agriculture enhancing narratives to present agriculture as a viable economic and productivity option for young and all people.

Participant Discovery

The Agriculture Option is designed primarily for educated youths with the capacity to adopt best practices, and the exponential benefits and scale provided by technology.

Therefore, participant discovery will focus on aggregating platforms for young people such as agriculture focused faculties of tertiary institutions, agricultural communities, and digital platforms.

The agriculture focused faculties, tertiary institutions, and existing agricultural communities particularly present good opportunities for reaching out to people that will take The Agriculture Option, as members are already introduced to agriculture and will likely understand the practices and appreciate the potentials.

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  • Young Ranchers
  • Boat
  • Telagri
  • Farm Tinder
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