The Tao Way Of Agriculture

The TAO way of agriculture has growth and viability at its core. its groundbreaking approach encompasses and integrates areas that are critical for economically viable agriculture, deployed with the support of strong communities in both digital and physical impressions.


Where information and insights for meaningful agriculture resides, Junction helps you to be in the know of happenings in agriculture and then capitalize on it. From the decision to choose agriculture, to knowing what is hot or not, and making the best of local and global news, junction is the companion that keeps users in the know.

Well curated stories, articles, interviews, and opinions that are organised along topic, interest, and geography. Delivered daily and fresh, Junction keeps users ahead of the curve from decision to profit, for fulfilling and impactful agriculture.

Young Ranchers

For those to whom knowing is not enough, but must be involved as participation in important, Young Ranchers equips with the knowledge and skills for real productive agriculture.

Taught by successful young farmers and agribusiness practitioners with demonstrable experience, the curriculum transforms participants from just possessing theoretical and cursory appreciation of agriculture to understanding and with ability to apply knowledge to skills for farming, processing, and business.


We realised that Boat could also stand for Bank of Agricultural Transformation, and we got excited about it, then we set out to transform agriculture with banking services, especially financing of youth led and owned agricultural ventures and enterprises.

Boat supports farmers and other agriculturists from start, through growth and expansion to maturity. Boat handholds to reach as much as 50 hectares of land in integrated farming and processing, and expands to include support areas such as logistics, marketing, and distribution where applicable. It also helps to take care of those things that matter in life such as shelter and insurance, thereby supporting a really good life.


With opportunity, especially one that is financed comes accountability. As users proceed with their agricultural ventures, there is need to be accountable to themselves and their stakeholders, by aggregating information and data, analyzing them, communicating with them, and ultimately making sound decision with them.

Telagri always keeps users in the know. Manage your entire small or midsize business with a simple and single solution, that supports the management of your operations from start to finish, helping you with knowledge and putting you in the know of what is important.

Farm Tinder

Sustainable profitability from revenue defines viability in TAO, and a thriving market that that takes production to the finish line is the foundation of this. Because we love and take viability seriously, we have created a market based on love.

Farm Tinder gives you the tools to present your products and services within an integrated community of agricultural enthusiasts, practitioners, and service providers such as farmers, technical experts, and logistics providers; giving you all the visibility, attention, and seriousness you require to take your productive agriculture to the finish line of sales, revenue, profits, and viability.


The Agriculture Option support making agriculture a viable economic option towards a good life for young and all people, therefore, we support agriculture and the things that make life good, so that our people are robust and wholesome.

TAO continuously provide value in collaboration with partners in and out of agriculture, in areas such as housing, automobile, pension, health, utility, insurance and more, so that you can manage your business and life with the same efforts within the same community.


Rails of Viable Agriculture

Explore our agricultural workflow: Understand how our ecosystem transforms seed to success.

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